I'm going to admit something to you all: I am a total sucker for anything Valentine's Day. I know it's a hyped up, silly, Hallmark holiday, but I love it. There's something about spreading that little extra amount of love on February 14th which makes my heart swoon. I've always sent Valentine's to family and friends, and I love giving friends ideas about what to get their loved ones for that "silly holiday" which everyone seems to hate. Because I have zero monies this year to celebrate Valentine's Day, and I know a lot of my favorite Lovelies are on a serious budget, over the next few weeks I am going to share some great and cheap (and some not so cheap, too!) lovey-dovey ideas. Even if you hate Valentine's Day, or don't have a "Valentine," remember how many people you care about and send them a little token of appreciation this year (as the quote says, "You don't need a lover on Valentine's day, you just need love!").

Today's cheap and heartfelt idea is adapted from a list of "Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas" which I found on Google. Don't have much money this year but want to pull off an over the top romantic present? Get yourself some balloons (this website has 100 balloons for under $8!); before you blow up each balloon, write a little note to your partner and stick it in the balloon (or, some flowers, or little presents). Blow up the balloons and make a giant bouquet of them; wouldn't filling an apartment with 100 red or pink balloons filled with notes be a grand gesture?. When they come into the house after a long day, give them a heart push pin to pop each balloon and reveal each note or gift! Cheap, lovely, and a completely one-of-a-kind way to show how much you love your Babe!

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