While browsing Etsy today for the find of the day, I checked one of my all-time favorite shops, Catherine Marissa, only to find they are having a giant sale (as in, sterling silver handmade stud earrings for $10 a pair!) ! With ahem, ahem, certain heart-themed holidays around the corner, her jewelry would make perfect little gifts for all your girls, moms, sisters, or, if any Lovely Gentleman read this (Hi, E! I like the apple ones...shocker. Ha.) her sterling studs make a perfect little accompaniment to a dinner out or beautiful card. Actually, this sale is so superb, it's a great way to stock up on presents to use year round, or get yourself that long awaited reward you deserve! You can check out all her gorgeous on sale studs here, and don't forget the perfectly priced, gorgeous, and unique sterling rings!

Pictured are the Itty Bitty Love Studs, Itty Bitty Shell Earrings, Itty Bitty Apple Studs, and the Itty Bitty Bird Studs.

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