I am a firm believer that a woman who runs a website called "Lovely At Your Side" should own a tutu style skirt. I may hold a firm belief on this because I own a website called "Lovely At Your Side," love tutu style skirts and am trying to justify my most recent purchase.

Shockingly, do you know what's a really, really cute look? A pink tutu skirt and a navy and white stripped top--it's a seriously fun, sweet and funky look. Plus, the skirt is sort of sheer, and you can vaguely see the stripes of the tunic through the layers of tulle, which I think creates a very different, interesting look.

While the pink tulle tutu might seem like a frivolous purchase (though the cashier commented on how many women were buying it!), and the green layered lace mini skirt from Forever21 Twist's Tutu Cute collection might too, honestly, how often do you get the chance to buy a tutu for under $20?

Anyway, whereas those two skirts are not exactly wardrobe staples, the navy and white striped tunic/dress/shirt situation absolutely is. Especially if you're like me and consider navy stripes one of three major food groups (the other two being iced skim chais and Shazam). I think of it as my Picasso-Russian-Navy look. Yes, that's all one look to me.

What new purchases are you just dying over? What are you just dying to purchase but can't for costs sake or won't for decency's sake (decency as in, do I really need that green lace tutu? To which the answer is "yes!")? We'd love to feature your great finds and impractical fashion obsessions! Let us know, lovelies!


  1. lovely girl, please tell me where you got that gorgeous navy striped top! -marta

  2. I love stripes, specially black&yellow or navy&white, they're simply elegant and casual at the same time, fantastic!
    Best regards from Barcelona,