Here at Lovely we're all for having the best time possible for as little money as possible. I mean, what's lovelier than having a great night out and realizing it only cost you pennies? With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I've been sharing some of my favorite low-cost date night ideas. There was the night making artwork with your love, and the grand balloon gesture; but if you're anything like Eric and me, you love a good meal out, so what's a great way to spend the night eating, having fun, and not breaking the bank? A pizza tour of your town! If you live in a semi-small town like we do, than you probably have at least four or five pizza places. Bundle up in your warmest attire and go for a walking-tasting-tour of all the pizza places in your town. Every time you hit a pizza place, share a slice and rate it together: how's the cheese/sauce/atmosphere of the place? A slice can't possibly be more than $2.50, so if you share a slice at each place, you'll be saving a bundle! After the night is over, you can look over your ratings and decide which is the best joint in town.
Wear these adorable shirts while eating/making pizza!

What if you don't live in a town with tons of pizza places (or it's too cold out?)? Make your own pizza! You can even make your own sauce and cheese! And, because it's Valentine's Day, shape your pizza like a heart and you could be just as cheesy as the mozzarella you throw on top. What's for dessert? Why, dessert pizza of course!

The Italian Flag shirt is from Alloy; The Ciao shirt is from Forever21.

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