The thing about all holidays is that if you plan ahead you can save a lot of money. Olivia reminded us all that you don't need a lover on Valentine's day, you just need love. And that love should be shared with all those you love. Last year I packaged up china soup spoons for 70 cents each, with chocolate and tea bags I bought at the pharmacy. I wrapped them up in tissue paper I decorated with hearts and hand drew cards for my lovely girlfriends.

This year I'm considering getting these pencils printed up with a sweet message-- Oriental Trading Co. has their pencils with "Would you be my Valentine?" on them. So cute. Personalization is all upper case, and allows for 30 characters. Some ideas--

  • [Your name here] loves you!
  • I love you!
  • Thank you for being a friend!
  • To my Valentine!
  • You're the best!
  • Write on!
  • Be mine, Valentine!
  • Surround yourself with love!
The ideas are endless! For $5.99 for 24 pencils, you'll be set for all the special people in your life, or go a bit crazy and get two sets printed up! Splurge and give all your lovelies two pencils! And a hand written note! I know that gift would make me smile!

Enjoy the weekend, dear readers!

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  1. FABULOUS IDEA! I'll be getting some and I love your take on V-day. I've always celebrated it full-heartedly (boyfriend or not) because really it's just about the love..

    Here is what I'm getting my boyfriend:
    The bean is laser-cut with a message (there are many for different occasions. I also hand-painted a little pot at Claytime to put the bean in. I fell in love with the idea!