Happy Friday, Loves! What are you all doing this weekend? Eric and I are going to pack up his apartment and move more things into the new place. Did I mention how much I love my apartment? It's simply perfect. However, like I mentioned, I'm a tad obsessed with decorating on a budget, so right now the apartment is pretty bare as we make our endless search for the perfect apartment accessories at the best price possible. It's snowy here on Long Island, and while I wish I could cuddle up in bed (uh, if we had a bed in the apartment...) and read all weekend, I'll be out gallivanting the cheap stores for hidden treasures. But, you all can kick back, snuggle up, and check out some of my most recent favorite website finds. You know those websites that knock you off your socks and you have to tell everyone you know about them? Here's my list for this week. What great website have you stumbled upon lately? Do share! Have a great weekend, Babies!

Budget Wise Home: Hedi Smith's amazing website dedicated to decorating a home to look like a million bucks without even hitting the ATM. I love her philosophy, "DIY for less, and never pay full price for anything over 30 bucks." The website is easy to navigate, very helpful, and most of all, it actually explains how to stay within your budget! As Hedi herself says, "This website is dedicated to giving you tips and tricks, step-by-step instructions, highly discounted products, and hopefully, some motivation to transform your space on any budget. Don't worry if you've never picked up a power tool, or tackled a painting project before. I'll show you how to do it. I believe that your home should bring you happiness and inspire you to do great things." I could spend all weekend reading this website. It's better than any "budget decorating" book you could buy.

Theme Kitchen: I don't think I mentioned it, but the theme for my kitchen is "Country Apple"; sort of 1940's vintage country. When I was searching for "apple decor for kitchens" online, I came across this awesome website, Theme Kitchens. Theme Kitchen has around forty different themes to chose from, and in each collection is a variety of items, such as towels, wall-hangings, pot holders, and so forth. The prices aren't necessarily within my budget, but I loved browsing the different themes and getting inspiration for my own kitchen. I also love their philosophy, "Browse over 30 kitchen decor collections, many based on licensed designs from some of the world's most popular artists!...With our secure checkout process and low shipping rates, you could be redecorating within 2 weeks!...Open your package, set out your new decorations and stand back to admire!No need to hire a decorator!" Lovely and easy idea!

A Year of Slowcooking: My darling Uncle and Aunt got me a crockpot for Christmas. I haven't even had time to use it yet, but I'm obsessed with it (perhaps a little too obsessed? My grandmother lovingly calls it my 'Crackpot'), and even more so, I'm addicted to finding slow cooker recipes. Therefore, when I stumbled across Stephanie O’Dea's website, A Year of Slowcooking, I literally spent hours reading all her recipes. Stephanie spent a whole year (2008) dedicated to using her crockpot every single day. I love her writing; she's honest, real, and hysterically funny. She makes the recipes sound easy and takes pictures of all her fine work. I am so glad I found this website, and better yet (hint, hint: someone's birthday is in two months), she has a book out now too!


  1. This post is awesome and so well-timed for me, as I just moved into my new apartment as well! I loved these ideas, but I'm wondering if you have any other home decorating sites you like? I'm specifically looking for nice looking fake plants and decorative couch pillows. I knew you were the girls to ask :) Thanks so much and good luck with the move lovely

  2. You are too awesome. Thanks for that blurb about me and my site. I was so surpised to see it. You totally made my day!!!!