Good Morning, Loves! Well, it's back to reality after the holidays. How did you all spend your holidays? I was in Illinois with Eric's family and had a blast (and didn't stop eating delicious foods 24/7, including the amazingly perfect Lou Malnati's pizza!). There's a ton of exciting things coming up on Lovely this year (including: decorating on a serious budget, more lovely dresses, live-blogging from Scotland, and of course, more creative guest writers), but before we move on with Oh-Ten, let's do a quick wrap up of our guest writers from 2009. You all did a fantastic job on finding lovely gift ideas, thank you! You'll all be receiving your special gift in the following weeks.
(PS. If YOU would like to guest write on a topic for Lovely, just let us know!)

  • Maya wrote about Scrabble jewelry and gifts for your loved ones.
  • Lauren let us know how to get great gifts at an even better price.
  • Natalie Anne introduced us to the Museum of Modern Art's "New York in A Bag" set.
  • Jeanne-Marie wrote about the perfect brunch accessories.
  • Laura gave us some lovely and affordable present picks.
  • Melanie tickled our taste buds with her recipe for Apple Pie Bars.
  • Ali tuned us into used books, records, and great thrift shop finds.
  • Taylor wrote about using your friend's photography as artwork.
  • Meg and Catie made us laugh with their uses for the chocolate-fork.
Thanks again, Lovelies! Remember to stay warm today!

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