I've been having some trouble responding to comments sometimes here, which is very frustrating considering it's my own website. I seem to have found that I only have this problem on Mozilla Firefox and have to open up Safari to respond to your lovely comments. This worries me, I don't want to frustrate my readers! If you all are kind enough to comment, I hope there is no issue with it. Please let me know if this is a problem you've encountered before on Lovely At Your Side -if the comments don't work while you're trying to comment on how the comments don't work, please e-mail me! I love getting emails from you all!

You can always reach Lovely At Your Side at LovelyAtYourSide@gmail.com, you can reach me (Jenny) at Jenny.LovelyAtYourSide@gmail.com, and Olivia at Olivia.LovelyAtYourSide@gmail.com.

P.S. Speaking of e-mail-- Ashley Spessard, if you're out there-- did you ever get the invitation for Rent the Runway? If it never came through click this link to sign up through my referral! This goes for all of you lovelies, if you wish to join Rent the Runway.

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  1. I'll answer here! It DID go through and I am thrilled! Sorry I never got back to you about that.

    I personally use firefox and have not had a problem commenting yet.