Have any of you lovelies heard of Rent the Runway? Olivia introduced me to it and I am so excited to share it with all of you! It's the same premise of Bag, Borrow or Steal, and (for dresses also) Ilus of New York City, but with a great, easy and accessible interface. For 10% (which ends up being between $50 and $200) of the list price rent designer dresses (which go as high as $1,500) for 4 nights. Schedule a delivery date, if you're in New York City you can get the dress on same day or next day delivery. If you're unsure of your size they'll send two, no extra fee. After you've danced the night away, wowed the crowds and are back into your Sunday leggings and tunics, slip the dress into the pre-paid packaging provided and send it off. They take care of the buying, the storing and the dry cleaning.

As a recent college graduate, free lancing and working for myself I accepted a long time ago that designer dresses are not part of my lifestyle. Forever21 is part of my lifestyle. Modcloth on a good savings month. Not designer. Until Rent the Runway. I couldn't justify an expensive dresses for my cousin's upcoming nuptials due to price and honestly, how often do you re-wear a really fantastic dress you get for a wedding? If you want to get something interesting and eye catching and not at all, even a little bit classic than you just let the dress sit in your closet until you accept that you'll never wear it again and say goodbye to the $200+ spent on it. I can afford to splurge $50 or $100, for one night, for a dress that's truly worth it, for a once in a life time event in a once in a life time dress. I can, and I will, and I plan to for my cousins wedding. Now I'm even more excited for the date to roll around so I can have an excuse to use Rent the Runway.

The point of this very long winded post is that I'd love to share this amazing find with you lovelies. I have a number of invitations to the website and will share them with you, my wonderful readers! Pipe up if you'd like to participate in the fabulous-ness which is Rent the Runway. They'll be renting out truly beautiful accessories come this Spring, so even if dresses aren't your thing poke around and you might just fall in love (for a tenth of the price and four days. A true fling.) Shoot me an email and I'll send you an invite!


  1. I have NO idea how to email you but...I love your site and I am in love with the idea of renting pretty pretties. Invitation?

  2. ashleydspessard@yahoo.com.

  3. Hey Ashley!
    I sent an invite, it should have gone through! If you ever want to email us, you can just click on the "Send Us Lovely" button in the top right corner, or shoot us an email at LovelyAtYourSide@gmail.com!

    If you use RTR soon let us know how the experience is! Glad you like the site!
    xx, Jenny

  4. are there any invites left? and do they send things to California or is it just an east coast thing? I'd love to be able to rent dresses for all the work events I have! haha