I was watching The Millionaire Matchmaker the other night, I love that show, when I heard Patti Stanger mention to a millionaire that he could totally pick up a Patti Stanger bouquet for his date, in a totally off-handed way. Clearly this had to be researched (turns out my mother was too fascinated to let it go too, the apple doesn't fall far...). Well here we go, Patti has compiled a list for 1800Flowers of bouquets appropriate for everyone from your friend to your fiance. It's actually not entirely annoying as far as cross promotions go, and someone was clearly thinking here.

But then I kept poking around, which is always my problem. Curiosity did not kill the cat, just made her want to kill some trends. The bouquet below looks like a normal bunch of Red Intuition Roses, right? In a typical pretty red vase, right? Notice the photo card at the bottom left of the picture. That's Justin Bieber, a 15 year old singing sensation. Yea, I don't get it either, but the mall had to cancel his appearance a few months back because it became such an insane scene. Seriously. Justin's signature floral arrangement for 1800Flowers is the "One Less Lonely Girl Bouquet.*" Seriously.
You'll notice I'm not providing links, two reasons: I am judging these, not trying to promote them. Also, if you are so inclined to find either Justin Bieber's bouquet or Patti Stanger's list, they can both be found on the 1800Flowers website. But I trust you lovelies, I know you know better, have better taste, would rather go to your local florist and create a unique and beautiful arrangement. If you'd like to find a floral shop in your area check out LocateAFlowerShop.com, just type in your zip code and find lots of flower shops right near you!

*Turns out this is not only the name of the bouquet, but also the name of the song. 15 year old boys are great at making girls less lonely, in bizarr-o land.

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  1. I am absolutely in love with this post. I know, I know- it's an insane post to love so much, but thank you so much for encouraging people to just go local and make something themselves. Anyone giving me flowers knows me better than Patti!! And I also like the fact that you pointed out that you were judging and not promoting. <3

    Also, for flower children hippie people like me, 20 points go to whoever picks flowers themselves or spends extra money on a bouquet with less (preferably NO) negative environmental impact.

    Come to LA; it's missing out on some serious Lovely.

  2. Hey girlie! Thank you! I've been told that a little edge might be fun from time to time, so I thought I'd give it a shot! I love the idea of picking flowers by hand, I never really understood what a florist could do that I couldn't. And don't even get me started on wedding flowers, a wasteful waste of money...ANYWAY, flowers are and can be a beautiful gift, and there's such a special feeling getting a beautiful, unique bouquet. And if you're on the giving end, and have the time, floral shops are a great place to be, so beautiful and delicious smelling- why not let your gift giving be a beautiful moment to literally stand back and smell the roses. :)

    As for a visit to LA...well, it's possibly in the works.

    xx, Jenny