Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! What are you all doing today? Eric and I are laying low in the new abode, happily decorating and cleaning. This year we decided to keep Valentine's Day at a budget, since we'd rather have things for the apartment, so I wanted to get real creative with my present. Remember the pizza Valentine's Day idea? Well, since moving to New York, Eric has developed a deep love for a cheap pizza place in our town. So, instead of ordering pizza for dinner on Valentine's Day, I decided to get him a gift certificate for the pizza place so he can decide whenever he wants to have a slice or pie. To go along with the gift, I made him a pizza Valentine's card--a little nontraditional, yes, but it goes with the pizza theme! We're also sticking with the Italian thing and making Chicken Parm for dinner. I can't wait, I love to make Chicken Parm. So, that's our Valentine's plan, easy, fun, and very cheap...hope you all have a Lovely day and remember, "You don't need a lover on Valentine's Day, you just need love!"

Need some last minute ideas for today?!

  • Check out Laura's delicious recipe for Penne alla Vodka (I so want to try making this!)
  • Go see Valentine's Day (I made a trade with Eric: Valentine's Day for Avatar!)
  • Make a card with all the different translations of "I Love You"!
  • If your love is far away, send them an e-giftcard to Amazon.

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovelies!

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