Do you think there's a limit to how many tutus a person can own? Seriously. Because I have 1 and a half and I really want another. The one is pink, short, tulle. I wore it for Valentine's Day in with black tights, a black leotard, lots of gold chains and cowboy boots (what else?).
The "half" is a green layered lace skirt-tutu hybrid. And the wanna-be new member of the family is a black or pink tulle tutu which is longer than the one I own right now. So you know, for more conservative events where a tutu is required.
For the bargain price of $17.80 I am very, very tempted to buy it. I am however, trying to remember that I am headed to Scotland for 2 weeks in a few days and should save money for Scottish tutus (um, do those exist? They should. Would they be tartan? I hope so.)What do you think, dear readers, do I need another tutu?

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  1. I think you could cap yourself at 12 tutus, so really you have a long way to go!