One of the reasons I love Forever 21 is that they really do offer a wide variety of styles all for such great prices. It's not as if they offer the better styles for more expensive and the more mundane, for cheaper. Every dress is in a similar price range, and every dress has a completely different and lovely style of its own. While doing my daily Forever browse, I came across a few dresses which caught my attention: they reminded me of the dresses women (ahem ahem, mom) used to wear in the 1980s--you know what I mean, right? The big sleeved, lacy, prom style dresses? The ones which Carrie Bradshaw brought back and now we all think are cool, but, if not worn right, tend to look totally silly on a woman? Yeah, those. Well, it seems as though they are back, and back with style. The Garden Medley Dress looks exactly like a Laura Ashley dress my mother used to wear to weddings and functions. The longer sleeves and puffed shoulders make it look like a "throw back" to the '80s; I love this dress though, it's classic, and very feminine. The Cosmopolitan Strapless Dress is very Carrie B. The pink is a total hot pink from the '80s, and the big bow makes me think of vintage prom dresses. The Slinky Lace Top Dress is reminiscent of the '80s with the lace top, and puffed, ruched sleeves; very vintage soap opera dress. The Beaded Rhinestone Trim Dress reminds me of old Miss America pageants; the one shoulder with the glitzy beads is very 1980s! All four of these dresses are great as updated '80s looks and would look trendy and perfect for any occasion you're attending. Which one of these four would you wear?

1. Garden Medley Dress; 2. Cosmopolitan Strapless Dress; 3. Beaded Rhinestone Trim Dress; 4. Slinky Lace Top Dress

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