So, Eric and I have been a little obsessed with watching American Idol this year. I've always been a fan, but there's something really fun about watching it with someone who knows and lives music; you know what I mean, he knows all those terms that I just describe in my long-winded way ("The way her voice goes up and down like that and then it's choppy, but only choppy with the drum beat, not with the guitars?") You get my point. We're enjoying critiquing the music a lot, but I'm also loving watching the different style choices that the contestants make. One of the style choices I'm loving this year is Haeley Vaughn's use of the flower in the hair. It seems as though in every picture of her she's sporting a giant flower in the hair, and while at first I was so-so about it, the more she wore them, the more I loved them. So, where can we get our own flowers for our hair? Try the amazingly beautiful store The Dancing Daisy. The Dancing Daisy has hair clips and headbands, all featuring beyond gorgeous giant hair flowers, exactly like Haeley has been wearing. I love the classy look of all these headbands; the natural colors of the flowers pick up the hues and tones in the hair colors and accentuate skin tone, lip color, and eye color. These would look fantastic with a simple black dress and heels, a colorful Birthday Girl Dress, or even simply a white t-shirt, jeans, boots, and a slouchy bag. I'm digging this look and can't wait to try it!

1. Simply Elegant Yellow Rose Hair Clip

2. Blushing Peony Hair Clip
3. Vintage Rose Hair Clip
4.Elegant Peony Hair Clip
5. Lovely Lady Plum Hair Clip
6. English Tea Rose Headband

Which flower would you wear in your hair?

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