Need something sweet and thoughtful to send to a loved one this Valentine's Day? Bride-to-be Cousin Kate suggested Whimsy&Spice, a wonderful (and mouthwatering) Brooklyn based bakery as a lovely little present idea for those you can't be with this holiday. After browsing their amazingly well-done and delicious looking website, I rounded up what I thought were the most delectable looking treats which would surely show your love this year.

The Honey Lavender Shortbread cookies are $8 for a dozen and are made with the finest and most simple of ingredients (unbleached flour, butter, sugar, honey, lavender); these cookies are a perfect blend of hints of lavender, and the sweetness of honey. They would be a great gift idea for your best friend living worlds away, or your family member who deserves that extra spark of love this year. I know my dad would love the Chocolate Chili Cashew Biscotti (unbleached flour, butter, cashews, chocolate, eggs, sugar, cocoa, baking powder, guajillo pepper, vanilla, salt) which is made with actual chili peppers! At $8 for ten of these original biscottis, it's a great deal for that person in your life who can handle the heat. I'm not going to lie to you, the picture of the Chocolate Butterscotch Bar (chocolate, butterscotch chips, eggs, condensed milk, butter, sugar, unbleached flour, graham cracker crumbs, cream, vanilla extract, salt ) is literally making my mouth water. As the Whimsy&Spice website says, "Adapted from a much loved recipe from childhood, two separate layers of rich butterscotch and fudgy chocolate atop a graham cookie crust are a divinely sweet indulgence with absolutely luxurious textures. One order includes four individually wrapped bars, a little over 2x2" each." Sweet indulgence, indeed!

Have any of you been to Whimsy&Spice? I love their original recipes and clean, simple lines of the website. I can't wait to order up some of this stuff!

PS. Check out their homemade marshmallows! Their deadline for V-day shipping is the fifth, so you have two days to pick out what you want!

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