Okay Lovelies, we have less than two weeks until Valentine's Day and I am stumped at what to get for Eric. Having just moved into a new apartment, I'm leaning towards getting him something for his studio, but in my opinion, a Valentine's Day present should be something you won't get any other time of the year. I want to get him something he would never buy himself, an indulgence that he may never think of (or know he necessarily wants) but that makes him smile and know how much he is loved. Traditionally, I feel like women are easier to get Valentine's Day gifts for; flowers, jewelry, and lingerie are all the classic presents for the lady in your life, but men are different. I love to "wow!" people with presents, no matter the holiday, but what do you get for the man in your life on that silly Hallmark holiday?

Well, you all know I love personalized presents, and on that token, I really love custom presents. Which is why, a few years ago when I came across eCreamery, it quickly became a favorite website. The premise behind eCreamery is simple: you create your own flavor of ice cream, shipped to you, in your custom container, in 4 pints. They give you three options for an ice cream base (Sorbetto, Gelato, or Ice Cream), around thirty different flavors to chose from, thirty-ish different mix-ins, and then you name your creation, pick the container, and in no time at all, four pint size containers arrive at your doorstep! I was thinking of getting Eric a gift card to eCreamery so he could pick his own creation, but they also have Valentine's Day specials, and create your own sampler packs of ice cream. What a better way to show that man of yours that you adore them than by letting them make their very own ice cream?! He could save his gift card for summer and have a special Ice Cream tasting party or, the two of you could have a lovely night in, stuffing your faces with pizza and ice cream...now that's what I call love.

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  1. What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!