It began with this facebook wall post:
And I had such a "Duh!" moment. I'll be including specialty sized dresses from now on in the Lovely Dress of the Day features. Are you a tall glass of water, need a dress to cover your fabulously long legs? Let me know!

As for Lindsay's request-- here we go. I just love this Paisley Cross Over Dress, from The Avenue, it's everything I look for in a dress. Can I wear it with my boots? Yes. With my sandals? Yes. With a Jean jacket? Yes. Does it make a statement on its own? Certainly! But can I still accessorize [with some great gold chains!]? Yes. I just love this dress for everything from a picnic, to errands, to a family party, to work. It's got a beautiful, not too revealing, neckline. Cinches at the smallest part of the waist and rests just above the knee, sexy but not too showy.

I'll be keeping my eye on The Avenue (they have an amazing black wrap dress on sale right now), for now enjoy this lovely dress!

For more information, pictures and to buy the Paisley Cross Over Dress, click here!

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  1. The famous Lindsay, here. First, may I say that I feel like a celeb the first time they get a mention on Perez?! This is so exciting because I love, love, love this site. So, any of you who don't fall within the 2/4-14 size category know how difficult it is to find clothes at all, much less cute clothes. The super tiny and above average crowd need all the guidance and clues to find great outfits that we can get, so thank you, lovely D sisters for helping us out!