After recently telling a loved one that the perfect present for me would be a pitcher, or come to think of it a pitcher charm I was inspired to click around Etsy for a "pitcher charm." I'm really into charms for my charm bracelet, but never actually add any. I look and look, but there are so many and how can I pick? I've been meaning to buy a miniature cookie tray with my once signature cookie, the pinwheel, add a jump ring to it and stick it on my charm bracelet for two years now. Two years! I get too excited, am about to spend too much money and shut the browser and nothing gets done. Story of my life!

Anyway, I found this Etsy, Lilliput Studios--and she does exactly what I've been meaning to do. She takes miniature pieces and makes them into jewelry, but in like the best way possible. Like Delft-esque miniature plates turned into stud earrings. Oh my gosh, I need them. And this Amber Glass Pitcher Necklace, which sort of looks like depression glass--which I love. I am literally sitting here saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh I need this." Alone, in my room. At 2 in the morning.

Also check out their Emily Boot Necklace, Large Floral Vase Necklace, Miniature White Porcelain Necklace, and pretty much everything else in the shop-- there's something for everyone there, everyone who loves miniatures or charms that is. Isn't that everyone? No? Well it should be!


  1. wow! I love this stuff! do you know if they ship to the US? I will order a few things if so. The fire extinguisher she has is so cute!!

  2. Hi! Yes, they do ship worldwide! You can contact them through their Etsy:

    We love their stuff, too! Isn't it amazing?!

    Thanks for reading Lovely!
    ox Olivia

  3. i went into the lilliput studio site and just want to say that it presents everything that i admire in miniture. keep it up!!!!