So I've been searching for hair combs-- funny thing about hair combs is no one seems to wear them except on their wedding day. Well, lucky for the world, I'm out to change that. I started this post off to display lots of hair combs from lots of Etsys, and one day I will do that post. But, oh my gosh, today I need to share with you one Etsy: Ginger and Tonic sells art deco, 20's style beautiful vintage up-cycled pieces. I am so hooked.

Our Girl Wendy Black and White Carved Celluloid Vintage Button Hair Pins, Here We Go A'Courtin Carved Celluliod Vintage Button Metal Headband, Dancing Feathers Repuposed Vintage Jewelry Barrettes,

Bohemian Beauties Copper Lustre Glass Vintage Glass Button Hair Pins, Rhinestone Princess Vintage Button and Rhinestone Magnet, Great Scottie Vintage Celluloid Button Scottie Dog Alligator Hair Clip,

Black White and Bold Vintage Enamel Brooch Repurposed Metal Hair Comb, Spotlight Glam Vintage Reupurposed Gold and Rhinestone Brooch Hair Comb, Mermaiden Curved Aurora Borialis Rhinestone Vintage Repurpused Brooch Hair Comb, Poinsettia Fun Repurposed Brooch of Vintage Enamel Holiday Hair Comb.

Seriously, I'm going wild over here for for Ginger and Tonic's accessories. I am racing around the website like my dog races around the house when she sees a squirrel. These hairdrobe pieces (yes, I am seriously using the term) are my squirrel and I need them. Only I don't think my dog would put the squirrel in her hair when she catches it. That metaphor didn't really stand up. Either way, I'm obsessed with the pieces in this shop.

The Our Girl Wendy Black and White Carved Celluloid Vintage Button Hair Pins are so cute, and would be such a cute way to throw a little extra something-something into a simple outfit, even jeans and a cute deep v-neck sweater. The Dancing Feathers Repuposed Vintage Jewelry Barrettes would add a bit of whimsy to a formal outfit. Imagine a beautiful cocktail dress, silk jewel tones, or gold, even black with satin pumps and these beautiful barrettes in your hair, pinning back one side of your part. I need. And finally, this Spotlight Glam Vintage Reupurposed Gold and Rhinestone Brooch Hair Comb the beautiful piece which drew me into the shop-- I don't know what to say about this piece except that I want to wear it with everything I own. All the time. This is what love feels like, guys.

If you want to smile today, go check out Ginger and Tonic-- it's a sure way to bring a little deco smile to your face, promise.

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