So, I just took the "Personality Quiz" on and was surprised and not surprised to find out that the quiz found me to be a Hipster. Now, I don't usually consider myself a "hipster" in the Urban Dictionary sense of the word--which is quite apt, I think:

Listens to bands that you have never heard of. Has hairstyle that can only be described as "complicated." (Most likely achieved by a minimum of one week not washing it.) Probably tattooed. Definitely cooler than you. Reads Black Book, Nylon, and the Styles section of the New York Times. Drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon. Often. Complains. Always denies being a hipster.
The last line is where things get problematic. I can't deny being a hipster because it means I am a hipster-- and turns out, according to, I am a hipster!

"Morning Ritual: Decaf soy latte at a local independent coffee shop." Check, or at least, "past Check." In my old life, the one where I was a Manhattanite, I spent every morning at one of the then two locations of Think Coffee, I befriended a number of the baristas and would run through gift cards there like nobodies business.

"Uniform: Vintage, alternative, original — no head-to-toe trends for her." Um, you saw my Valentine's Day outfit. I am a fan of what looks good on me, not trends. And I love thrifty shopping.

"On her iPod: Indie rock, downtempo electronica, local DJ mixes, YouTube videos." Rilo Kiley, Alexei Murcdoch, Brett Dennen and She&Him--alongside some ODB and Jay-Z, because a self denying hipster is nothing if not sometimes ironic.

"Reading List: Art, film, music and fashion pieces." Seriously guys, this isn't funny anymore.

"Ride: If the sun is shining: her Vespa. If not: her Mellow Yellow Mini Cooper." This one's wrong! I'm not a hipster! It proves it!

"Mantra: Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks." Oh no, in my previous life, the life where independent coffee shops existed, I banned Starbucks from my life. I am a hipster.

"Famous Examples: Sofia Coppola, Maggie Gyllenhall, Chloƫ Sevigny." I actually have strong distaste for all three of these people. I fear this makes me a hipster even more.

I do have to say, the suggested gifts for Hipster Ladies such as myself are pretty great-- Booties for Cuties, Solid Colored Tights & Leggings, Street Smart Re-Useable Shopping Totes, Funky Animal Pillows, Peanut Butter of the Month Club, Indie Coloring Books and so, so much more.

Go take the Personality Quiz, let us know what you get--any other hipster girlies out there?!


  1. I'm a hipster, too! Although I fit the bill much less than you: hate soy, don't hate starbucks, and am nowhere near confident in my indie rock cred. The gifts are still pretty apt, though. Hmm...

  2. check out this natural woman gift:

    officially my favorite gift i've never received.

  3. This is so me!!

    Gifts for The Achiever, hand-picked by our Gift Gurus

    Morning Ritual: Back-to-back Power Pilates classes followed by a double shot latte.
    Uniform: Power suits and pumps, except Fridays, when it’s business-casual cashmere.
    On her PDA: Dow Jones updates of her latest net worth.
    Reading List: Self, Business Week, Fortune, the latest Who’s Who with her name in it.
    Ride: Business Class.
    Mantra: I’ll sleep when I’m dead.
    Famous Examples: Oprah Winfrey, Lynette from Desperate Housewives.

    Thanks for pointing this site out, girls :) I might have to buy myself a cool laptop sleeve or a personalized business card case...for my nonexistent business cards...

  4. also-- you should try taking the personality quiz for yourself but as the opposite gender. there are a lot of things i like from that selection also.. because nothing says lovely like a beer of the month club. (but seriously the mens gifts are awesome too.)

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