Jordan Reid, over at Nonsociety, posted about Meghan Asha's clothing swap party, which reminded me that we haven't posted about our own clothing swap! Last May, Jenny and I had a "Naked Ladies Party." We had about 12 girls over to the house for an afternoon of champagne, cupcakes, clothing, and chatting! Jenny designed these gorgeous invites on VistaPrint (she drew an adorable clothesline with hanging clothes) and invited a bunch of women to the swap. We used our living room and pulled bookcases in, where we stacked clothes; we hung clothes all over the room, as well. Between my mom, Jenny, and I, we had tons of clothes to give away...when the girls came, they brought bags upon bags with them! We sectioned off another room of the house with beautiful fabric hung as curtains and threw some mirrors into the room so people could try clothes on. As give-away gifts, we packed little bags, personalized for everyone, with blue tote bags to hold their clothes, as well as lip gloss, hair things, monogrammed journals, and candy! We didn't do a number system, we just had everyone walk around and pick out what they liked--people got so into it! Girls were running and trying things on left and right; there was clothes flying around the room! It was a total blast. I got a pair of jeans I wear almost every day, some gorgeous dresses, jewelery, and a great long white sweater I actually wore today! The best part was, after the party ended, we were left with bags and bags of clothing. So, we donated it all to The North Shore Holiday House, which is a camp and safe place for girls from seven to eleven years old; they have a thrift shop which funds the camp, so all of the leftover clothes went there!

Check out a blurb about our Naked Ladies Party here!

Have you ever hosted or been to a clothing swap?!

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