I don't know if I should be upset, flattered, or laugh at this (I'm going with the laugh option). However, I just took the "Personality Quiz" on Gifts.com and it found gifts for me: "The Super Mom"! Let me backtrack a second and explain. Gifts.com is great because they have this fun (and addicting) personality quiz to find the right presents for people. You click through a series of easy questions ("Where would you rather travel? Log cabin or swanky hotel?") and they tell you the personality type the recipient is and the perfect presents for them. I used this last night to find a gift for Eric's cousin and it told me she was an "Urban Sophisticate," which she is, exactly. So, I'm sitting here, drinking my morning coffee and was like "Hey, MY birthday is coming up, let's see what they say I would want!" I click through, and BAM: I'm suddenly a busy mom who would love a pair of "Pajama Jeans" or "Jewelry to Celebrate Motherhood"? Not exactly. What baffles me is that I should have been the "Domestic Diva" or perhaps even the "Outdoors Girl" (don't laugh), but "The Super Mom"? I won't take it personally, Gifts.com, I still love you, even though you think I'm married with a few kids (plus, the cartoon mom in the picture is adorbs). There's nothing wrong with having children, especially if people think you want presents such as Mani/Pedi spa packages...I'll gladly take that, children or not!

Head over to Gifts.com and tell us: what personality did they think YOU were?

PS. But seriously, Gifts.com, "Famous Example of a Super Mom" is Debra Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond? I'd rethink that statement.


  1. I got The Thinker. Which at first I was kind of meh about but, looking at all the presents, I think they got me to a T.

  2. Emily, I know, I didn't want to admit it, but I liked the presents they suggested, even for the Mom stuff! It's a really fun, and practical way, of picking out gifts! ox Olivia