Hello Lovely Snow Bunnies! Snow Day today! I'm working from home and watching the Say Yes to the Dress marathon. I love wedding dresses; I love that they are so unique for every bride and, when the dress is perfect, match the bride's personality to a tee. Joanna Goddard posted dresses about a month ago from Elizabeth Dye--and I fell madly in love with her style. Mind you, there's no wedding in site for this Lovely, but who says I can't search for gorgeous dress styles? Check out my two favorite styles from Dye's store, The English Dept, located in Portland, Oregon. I absolutely love her delicate details (man, I love those sleeves on the Honeychurch!) and ethereal romanticism to all her dresses. I'm also loving the names she chooses for her work! Honeychurch and Beatrix (from her 2010 collection) make me think of English gardens, cottages in the woods, and simple and romantic outside weddings!

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