Happy Friday, Loves! What are you all doing this weekend? I'm hitting up the art show at B. J. Spoke Gallery to see my mom's artwork being shown with Eric's dad's work! Very exciting. Eric's dad is visiting this weekend for the art opening, so I've been pulling out all the good recipes and cooking up a storm! Last night I made a delicious dinner (if I may say so myself!), and I wanted to share the recipes with you. A few weeks ago I bought pork ribs on sale at the market (5 pounds for $7!) and put them in the freezer. I wanted a really simple way to cook them in the Crock Pot, so I was ecstatic when I came across this recipe. Yesterday morning, I threw the frozen ribs (on a cookie sheet) under the broiler for about 15 minutes. They became unfrozen enough for me to cut them up into smaller chunks; I placed them into the Crock Pot on top of two medium sized onions, chopped up. Onto the ribs, I put salt, pepper, and about half a bottle of barbecue sauce. Then, I let it cook for 10 hours on low--and ta-da! They were amazing. Fall off the bone, juicy, and mouthwatering amazing. That's what I'm talking about! I paired the ribs with rice and greenbeans. It was an easy to make, quick, yet hearty and savory meal. I'm definitely making these again!

As for dessert? Well, every time Eric's dad comes to visit I make him his "Banana Coconut Cream Pie." This will be the fourth time I make it, and every time I do it, I feel like I learn more and it's always a little better than the last time. The recipe I follow is this one, and it never fails to come out great; the pie is usually gone within minutes. I always buy a premade crust and use browning bananas...a perfect way to use up those getting-older bananas! I love the mix of the banana and coconut flavors; plus, you're getting your potassium this way, so it's a "healthy" dessert, right?!

Are you eating any good meals this weekend?! Do share! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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