Happy Monday Lovelies! It's Monday five hours earlier here than it is by most of you, that's how time zones work, yup. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were filled with plays, walks around a chilly town, Quaker meeting, a lot of food and delicious Scottish coffee.

Friday night we saw the local high schools production of "Guys and Dolls"-- I loved listening to the kids do Brooklyn/New York 40's accents. Saturday night we saw the university's production of the Alan Ball's "Five Women Wearing the Same Dress," about bridesmaids in Tennessee hiding out during the wedding reception--tearing apart the bride, men and, most importantly, their dresses. It was fun, again, to hear the girls sustain Southern accents, some of the actresses were really superb!

I spent parts of Saturday and Sunday just roaming the city, walking around. I had delicious coffee with such fresh milk at Taste on North Street- it had a real Think Coffee vibe, but like an 1/18th of a size. It's amazing to me that in like coffee shops, the baristas are wonderfully similar. Plunk a knit capped, ironic t-shirt, well worn jeans wearing Think Coffee barista in Taste and he might not even notice the difference. Seriously, it had that similar of a vibe.

After going to Taste I walked down to the North Sea to take pictures.

The wind there is really strong, like really strong. Like so strong that I put my coffee on a ledge to take a picture and the wind promptly picked up, knocked my coffee over, and it spilled just all over my legs, jacket and boots. I had nothing to do but laugh.

After that Collin met me for chips on the street, and later we went back to try the famous deep fried Mars bar. It was delicious (uhm, duh)--it tasted like salty, melty, chocolate-caramel messes--how can that be bad?

Before the play we stopped in at Maisha for a quick Indian food dinner. It was great to watch my mom retry Indian food after probably 20 years. Having tried it when she was a young bride, she didn't really try the genuine cuisine, and was unimpressed. But trying it again last night, she delighted in plates of curry, jasmine rice, na'an, and chutneys. Sunday she went out and bought na'an, jars of sauce with curry and more jasmine rice at Nisa.

Sunday I woke up early, and Collin walked Mom and I to the Quaker Meeting House. After an hour of silent worship, we snacked on coffee and biscuits, while we chit chatted with the congregants. I met a woman who must have been older than 80 who just, just stopped mountain climbing. Seriously. After coffee and cookies, we moved onto the clerk's home, where we dined with he and his wife on a simple, wonderful lunch of soup, garlic bread, cheese and grapes.

After a nap for me, and grocery shopping for mom, we enjoyed a thoughtful, quiet meal at Littlejohns. The food was okay, the Haggis, Neeps and Tatties was the stand out of the meal (as well as the helpful waitress and hostess).

Today has nothing on the docket, I plan on wandering town with mom some, taking some more pictures and maybe passing the afternoon at a cafe. More soon, lovelies!

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