Happy Birthday to all those March Pisces out there! Today's dress is a little prep, a little flirt, and a lot of "Come on, Springtime!" The A-Line Floral Dress from Charlotte Russe (which I think is a lovely store, and totally underrated) has a beautiful mix of purples, blues, and whites. Perfect for the Pisces girl who loves the ocean and beach, but also loves the glimmer of the moon on the waves. I love the compliment of the purples with the blues, it makes the watery effect of the floral stand out. I paired the dress with an adorable purple bow-headband. I'm sorry, I just can't stop myself. You could easily pair this dress with a simple cream colored headband, too. I also love these classic looking Painted Flower earrings. They look vintage, and I love that because they are flowers, they pair nicely with the floral print in the dress. Also, this dress would look amazing with a simple pair of pearls or diamond studs. This outfit reminds me of the first days of Spring, when March is deciding whether it wants to be a lion or lamb. Pair this ensemble with a white or blue cardigan and you're good to go for those lion-y days!

PS. Also digging this dress...gee, I wonder why! You think I have a type? Nah.

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