Lovelies, it's Friday and you know what that means, don't you? I'm sharing with you my favorite recent "internet finds" in order to give you reason to stay in your pajamas, with your coffee, for a few extra minutes this weekend, and catch up on some Lovely reading. What are you all doing this weekend? Eric and I are seeing not one, but two bluegrass concerts (perks of dating a bluegrass musician, eh?). On Saturday night we're seeing Tony Rice (Tony Rice Sings Gordon Lightfoot is one of my favorite albums), and on Sunday afternoon, Miller's Crossing. I'm super excited for Miller's Crossing because we met the band recently and they're not only beyond amazing musicians, but cool people, as well. Not only is today a Friday, but it's the start of Spring Break for me! Do you have any plans for the break? Eric's parents are coming to visit, which I cannot wait for, but other than that, I'll be Lovely-ing, walking in the park, and enjoying the start to Spring. Have a great weekend, beauts!

Did you see the Mad Men Barbie Doll collection? Their eyes sort of scare me, but it's a fun concept.

Speaking of dolls, a few students tipped me off to this very odd Cabbage Patch Doll website...and what's weirder is that I sort of want to visit this place.

Some other students (they were a wealth of knowledge this week!), who apparently know my style pretty well, introduced me to Sweetiepie restaurant in Manhattan. Man, this place is adorable, gorgeous, and delicious looking. Has anyone ever been there? I can't wait to go!

Have any of you heard of "24 hour bridal showers"? What an odd and interesting concept! What would you get for someone for "4am"?

And last, but not least, I'm loving that Jordan from Ramshackleglam made Glamour's Engagement Chicken...hers looks delicious!

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