By now, I think most of you know me pretty well. I love headbands, rings, new music, dresses, cooking, customized gifts, and of course, budget style and decorating. Well, I need your help! My birthday is in about two weeks and Eric is at a loss of what to get me! He's a perfectionist when it comes to presents (I got a beautiful heart shaped curio chest for Valentine's Day! I love it because it makes all my jewelry look like it's in a museum; he even put new earrings in it for when I opened it up.) but he hasn't had all the time in the world lately to search the 'net for gifts, and on his only time to shop, I'm usually tagging along.

So, lovelies, what are some great present ideas for me?! What's been your favorite present to get from your significant other? What do you usually get them? Help a man out!
My Banjo Man!

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