Good day, Loves. Because I work at a prep school, sometimes I enjoy dressing ultra-prep and having fun with what I wear to work. I thought I'd share Wednesday's Head-to-Toe with you all, and pose a question. I'm sporting a pink prep outfit today and would have loved to pair this ensemble with a cute headband. However, while trying on my various headbands (and still lusting after the ones in my Forever21 bag), I realized that wearing a headband with a little bow may not be the most professional thing in the world to wear to teach students. I wanted to know you opinion, is wearing a headband with a bow unprofessional? What about if it totally matches the outfit? I ended up with a simple plastic cream colored band today, but when Spring comes, I'd love to have cute hair accessories to match with my Spring things.

Wednesday's Head-to-Toe!

Headband: Bought at Walmart in a pack of six plastic headbands for $2. Score.
Earrings: Gold and pink, probably from Claires, many moons ago.
Shirt: An early surprise birthday present from my Grandma! She loves ruffles, so she loved this Women's Long Sleeve Chambray Ruffle Front Shirt from Lands End. It's super comfortable and I can't wait to wear it with a straw hat, boots, and shorts this summer!
Pants: Old Navy pink khakis from pre-college days.
Belt: Vera Bradley fabric belt. The only belts I wear!
Shoes: Cream colored fake Uggs. It's cold here!

So, Beauts, help me out: to bow or not to bow?

Is it professional to wear a headband with a bow to work?

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