Did you know that Olivia and I are now Lovely Casting? It's sort of like life casting, the process of sharing one's life with the internet. Olivia and I are boring, so we'll spare you that, but we are sharing everything we think is Lovely as well as some of our [slightly more] interesting daily activities. We hope you'll go check them out, follow us on Tumblr and enjoy the small loveliness of our days! Click on either of our pictures to take you to our Lovely Casts!

*There also are, and always will be, links on the side of this page!


  1. Boring??? What is this, opposite day? (That's right, I'm 24 and I said opposite day.)

  2. Thanks, Maya! We don't actually feel boring, but we're pretty much "this-is-everyday-life" bloggers...which we enjoy and love! ox