I've had cupcakes on my mind recently. I'm not really sure why, except for the fact that the phrase "mea culpcake" had me in stitches. That's what you get for being a Latin major in college. Anyhow, check out these beyond adorable and lovely cupcake toppers; not only are they affordable, but they are sure to perk up any party and spruce up your cupcake style. Sugar Robot creates edible (and very lifelike!) butterflies, which I could easily see on anything from a simple cupcake, to a birthday cake, to a wedding cake (how gorgeous would that be?). They are handmade and for $8.95, you get twenty assorted butterflies! Love it. If you're looking for a little more playful, check out Clineff's Confections for fondant creations that make any simple, boring cupcake into a piece of art! I love the nautical designs (perfect for summer barbecues!); they are adorable and very clean and professional looking. The pink swirl toppers would be a great addition to any bridal or baby shower; I'd love to have these for our annual clothing swap! For $6.95 you get 12 toppers--great deal! These also come in custom designs...what would you get on a cupcake topper?

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