I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I love children's books. The way we write, illustrate and narrate for children is a fascinating way of examining culture and society. Yesterday I was walking down Grassmarket (I'm in Edinburgh now) after leaving this phenomenal knitting/ yarn shop called K1, when I stopped into a gifts, toys and book store whose name I do not know. I shuffled over to the back, and started scanning the children's books. I picked up one about a little girl called Katie Morag, the one I read was "Katie Morag and Tiresome Ted," and I was hooked. I sat on the floor reading about Katie Morag, and baby Liam and their mother the postmaster of their island, and Grannie Island and Granma Mainland.

When I came home and told my mother all about Katie Morag and the great illustrations and how I loved the comfortableness of the books she looked at me funny. Why, if I loved the books so much, had I not bought one? It would be a great souvenir and addition to my collection. Yes, I thought, sometimes that mom character is right. So I was so pleased today when I went to the Museum of Childhood on the Royal Mile to see that they had Katie Morag in their gift shop. "Katie Morag and the Dancing Class" and I left together. And personally, I believe it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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