I just stepped outside to fight with the dog about coming inside, long story short she'd like to stay outside and I'd like her not to bark at 7:45 AM, and it is so familiar outside. Yes, familiar. This is just the type of morning I remember from high school, when you know it will be warmer by the time you get to school (40 minutes later) but when you get on the bus its freezing, so you walk across the yard with bare legs. And it's so cold, but so beautiful out too.

My high school dress code required a button down shirt (or a turtle neck), a nice "modest length" skirt or slacks, dresses with covered arms and no denim. Heels had to be under 3 or so inches and we had to have backs (no clogs). The dress code was difficult to work with because from 2001-2004 Office Chic was not in. Skirts were not in, dresses were not in. In 2005 these items trickled onto the scene, and I'm sort of jealous of the girls who are there now because they have a ton of trendy options.

Man, unfortunately for you guys I can't find many pictures of my ill-advised, frustrating early high school outfits. Fit was always, always a problem for me and it wasn't until I lost some weight and grew up a bit senior year that I started dressing nicely. But I can't find many pictures of that either.Best Friend, Audie, and I during Junior year of high school. It's quite an outfit. Also, check out the jousting occurring behind us, classic.

And two of this outfit, because...uh...I look good. Dress was from Express, has since been given away, and the sweater is J. Crew, I think Olivia stole it. What a difference a year makes, right?

What about you lovelies, any high school fashion horror stories? I'm going to keep looking for pictures to embarrass myself/amuse you all with. In the mean time, share, share!


  1. This post was a great thing to wake up to ! haha you're a great writer and I definitely know what you mean about the familiar morning. I've been feeling that lately and it's always in Spring or Fall (two times that were very distinct at FA). Is there any way to post a picture here because man... you think YOU dressed badly ? You were always adorable, I was there. Fit was more of a problem for me I think....so if you want a laugh let me know xox

  2. Ah! you're such a sweetheart! Why don't you email me the photo and I'll post it... if you don't mind it being ON the website.. I would love to incorporate readers fashion choices! xx. (i think we had the same fit problem, a problem I still have with button downs!)

  3. Girls, as much as I'd love to help out, I don't think ANYONE needs to re-visit my FA-era "fashion" choices...if you can even call it fashion. Now that I actually wear well-fitted button downs and cute ballet flats on a regular basis, I wonder why why WHY I felt the need to wear oversized button downs, huuuuuge black pants, and shoes that were basically dress-shoe-esque-sneakers every day. Did I want to look like I was trying to be a boy?! Eesh! Gotta love high school.

  4. haha.. Audie's adorable. so are you, of course.. but look at that guy! love him.

  5. You went to high school with me, you know how terrible I looked that whole time!

    And you always looked amazing!