Hi all! Sorry we've been so quiet lately. Jenny just came back from her epic trip to Scotland, and over here on my turf, we're putting on a play at school, so things are a bit hectic. Just thought I'd take a minute and share the top 5 topics on my mind today...what's on YOUR mind? Do share!

  1. I am starving. I don't normally eat lunch until 1:00, but there's something about a change in schedule and routine (we have long play practices everyday), which makes my stomach rumble. I just wolfed down an orange, but I can't wait to eat my normal lunch of salad, salad, salad. What do you normally eat for lunch?
  2. I. Can't. Wait. To. See. My. Friends. My "Quarter-Life Crisis" birthday party is this weekend (my actual birthday is next Monday!) and I haven't seen some of my friends in too long. Can't wait to laugh with them!
  3. ...and on this note, I have so much cleaning and planning to do! Luckily, resident party planner (she's planning a birthday gala for our Dad's 50th!) is taking charge of most of the work. However, I still need to clean. Er, I mean, we need to clean...right, Eric? ;)
  4. I love this weather! Having a nice day seems to make everything bearable, doesn't it? How are you spending this nice day (even though it's a workday)?
  5. I am very proud of all my students; they've been working on this play for weeks and tomorrow is opening night. I can't wait to see it all finished!

What are some exciting things happening in your life?!

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