Lately money has been on my mind; you see, I want to spend some, but I don't have too much to spend. Eric and I are trying to be "responsible adults" with our money choices, so out goes the once in a while "whoops, I spent too much money" shopping trips or the "Oh, I so need another pair of brown boots, even though I have 5 pairs" impromptu buy. However, because of stores, such as Forever21, I can easily stay in style and feel good about my purchases. They offer well-made clothing and jewelry at great prices; just the other day I was wearing my fake diamond earrings from Forever21, and my grandmother thought they were real. Pretty good fakeout. Anyhow, I know we're all strapped for cash right now, so when it comes time to getting a present for a lovely friend, or for yourself, it's hard to know what to do. But, check out these amazing, beyond amazing, deals from Forever21's earrings collection (bracelets to come next). You won't find deals like this anywhere! Remember, it's not always easy to live lovely for cheap, but it can be done, and done with style and class.

  • The Pearl Earring Set (1) comes six in a pack, making each pair of earrings .46 cents!
  • I love the Rhinestone Stud Earring Set (2), which comes with nine pairs of earrings, and at a total price of $3.80, each pair is only .42 cents! (also comes in multiple colors)
  • The bright and colorful Pop Rhinestone Earring Set (3) comes with five big stud sets, making each pair of earrings .76 cents each. Not a bad price for style!
  • The Carla Hoops Stud Set (4) is a perfect present because it has a wide variety of nine different pairs, including studs and hoops. For .53 cents each, this is a steal of a find!
  • Further, the Hoops&Heart Earring Set (5) also offers a variety of three different hoops and three very different studs, making this set of six a great deal, with each pair of earrings still under a dollar at .80 cents each. Lovely!
  • The most expensive earrings, The Rhinestone Stud Set (6), that I am posting today, I happen to have and know that they look amazing and are certainly worth the very expensive deal of $1.93 a pair; they may be a bit pricey, but they will last a lifetime and always be in style.
  • The Majestic Earring Trio (7) has a beautiful antique look to it, but at $1.26 a pair, these earrings are definitely not priced like antique jewelry!
  • And, the winner for the totally, utterly, most lovely, and best deal of the day is the Riza Rhinestone Earring Set (8); first of all, this set is available in two colors; second, at $3.80 for the set, which includes ten (10!) pairs of earrings: .38 cents a pair! Outstanding.
Which of these incredibly great priced earrings would you wear?!


  1. 1. Pearls are always correct on a lady. (Emily Post)
    6. Diamonds are a girls best friend. (Marilyn Monroe)
    7. I love all things antique. (me)