Happy Tuesday, Lovelies! I know many, many of you out there are on a serious frivolous spending budget, as I am. So, when I came across this set of beautiful headbands from Forever21, I knew I just had to share this great find with you (almost all of these sitting in my shopping cart, waiting for me to click "buy"). I don't understand the mystique behind "the headband." Why are they so expensive at certain stores (at JCrew, a headband is twenty-five dollars, WHY?!), but here at Forever, all of these are under $5? I know, obviously, material makes a difference, but aren't all headbands ultimately made in the same way? A plastic headband is a plastic headband--enough said.

I adore this selection of headbands because most of them come in multiple colors, most of them are actually under $3 and you can buy them without that "Ugh, I am so never going to wear this, so why am I buying this?!" feeling. Even if you just display these pretty headbands, you're not wasting money. I have this serious spending issue: it's called "I'll spend a fortune on my loved ones, but can't even buy thrift store clothing for myself." Seriously. I have no problem buying Jenny, Eric, or my girls lavish gifts, but yesterday I went to the thrift store and couldn't even bring myself to buy a Gap skirt from 1990 and an old suede jacket for myself. In total it was $10. I literally put the stuff down and walked out. Hello?! What's wrong with me?! Anyone else do this? However, I am going to buy these headbands. Do I need them? No. Do I want them? Yes. Is my birthday soon? Yes. Reason enough.

Which ones would you buy? Does anyone else have issues spending money on themselves?

1. Everyday Bow Headband; 2. Favorite Satin Bow Headband; 3. Floral Mesh Satin Headband; 4. Faux Pearl Headband Set; 5. Signature Satin Bow Headband; 6. Side Bow Headband; 7. Satin Side Bow Headband; 8. Satin Bow Headband


  1. I want to catch them alllll!!! HEADBANDS!

  2. If that's what you want.. I would never deny you.

  3. I love headband #4. Also, Forever21 is my new favorite accessory store! SO cheap compared to everywhere else!!

    Oh, and have you heard of Charming Charlie's? You mostly should. Okthanks.