Well hello! Happy Spring, Lovelies! Weird confession: sometimes when I write I am speaking in a Southern accent in my head. That's weird. I am so doing it right now. And I've been informed that sometimes I fall into a Southern accent, totally unintentionally. I find this odd and if I was around me and not me, really annoying. I am a Long Island girl, born and bred. And the North Shore at that! Where on earth does this accent spring from? Spring. Spring! Spring is here!

Can you tell I'm a bit giddy? Today I walked into CVS and found myself running back to Luis every 3 and a half seconds going "PEEPS!" and then "EASTER CANDY BARS" and then "SUGAR FREE PEEPS!" and then I made my purchase, but he was still reading a magazine. So I went on with "Look it's a chocolate bunny!" and "Omygosh! They all have names!"

I bought Sugar Free Peeps and Palmer Easter Chocolate bars in packages of 6, both were sold for $1.50. 6 candy bars for $1.50, that's a quarter for a candy bar! Thus I began a challenge: how little money can I spend making Easter Baskets. I can think of eleven people off the top of my head who I would present with a basket. But if I buy things, I will buy them efficiently and with financial savvy in mind.

So far I have 17 bars (yes, one may have been consumed) for $4.50. They are nicely sized though and will be a big part of the basket. I also have a ton of left over sucking candies from Olivia's birthday party. Right into the basket. I think instead of baskets I will recycle magazines into shredded paper (think Easter basket grass) and make little nests where the gifts will lie. For the younger kids I want to make little coloring books, but for the older kids and adults I'm at a loss. Any ideas for cute Easter non-edible treats? Let me know!

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