Happy Friday, y'all! Eric and I both woke up sick today, no fun. However, at least we're not missing the sun here on Long Island--it's back to being rainy and cold! So, snuggle up with some hot cocoa, your bathrobe, and a lovely headband to check out my Lovely internet finds of this week. This weekend we don't have a ton going on...thank God! Tonight our Lovely brother, Collin, is due home from Europe! Eric and I will be spending the weekend hunting for cheap tickets to North Carolina for a bluegrass festival; anyone have any good tricks for finding cheap tickets? What are you all doing this weekend? Do share!

I love, love, love the huge variety of chocolates sold at Elbow Chocolates. The store, based in Missouri, sells flavors of chocolate such as Bananas Foster, Strawberry Balsamic Caramel, Lavender Caramel, Rosemary Carmel, and Masala Chai. Not only are the flavors outrageously delicious sounding, but the chocolate confections are minute pieces of art! I love this.

What's cooler than a Nintendo gameboy dress? Uh, pretty much nothing. You know we here at Lovely love interesting dresses, so when comic writer extraordinaire Jorge Vega passed this dress on to us, we knew we had to share it with you all!

Not sure how I'm feeling about the Disney Bridal collection...you can browse dresses by Princess. I'd be Snow White (pictured), though she was more housewife than princess, but that's neither here nor there. I always looked like her as a little girl, with the dark hair, dark eyes, and pale skin, so people said I was akin to her. This obviously begs the question: What Disney Princess Are You?

Have a great weekend!

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