The always Lovely Maya emailed me this great picture of her from high school. She writes: "Here is a sweet picture from senior year I believe at Pancho Villa. Gotta love the matching jacket and hat. Hey, I grew up at FA (our high school) and didn't know how to dress down.... that's my excuse..."All I can see in this picture is a girl having a great time! Okay, okay, the hat isn't great, but Maya is just being so Maya in that picture--happy, excited, smile-inspiring! Keep those pictures coming lovelies, we want more!

P.S. I had no idea how to dress down either, Maya. You're not the only one. I wore loafers on the weekend until...well, come to think of it, I wear boat shoes now...I still don't know how to dress down!

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  1. This absolutely made my entire day hahahaha, thanks Jenny <3