A few months ago the Lovely Maya emailed both Olivia and I informing us that Restaurant.com was having an 80% off sale. Restaurant.com's deal is this-- they sell coupons usually for the value of $25, sometimes for $10 or $50, but for 60% off. A $25 gift certificate goes for $10, a $10 for $4, and a $50 for $20. The hitch is that there are some strings attached. Often for a $25 gift certificate you must spend $50 in total, sometimes including two entrees. Essentially you are buying a 25% off gift certificate. Which is a pretty good deal, a good gift for someone, but you can't exactly just buy them up.

But like I said, sometimes they have an 80% off deal. Use the coupon code BITE to get $25 gift certificates for just $2. I bought two certificates for Tomo, the strings attached tell me I have to spend $50. No problem, Luis and I went last night and the check was just baby steps away from $50. We will go out to sushi again, spending $2 on a gift certificate to bring the bill down from $50 to $25 ($27 if you include the price I prepaid) is really worth it. I bought two this morning.

Use the code "BITE" for 80% off by March 16th. And don't worry if you miss it this go around, Restaurant.com has 60% off deals going on a lot and the 80% offs come around every few months, I'll make sure to bring them to your attention.

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  1. I am always so nervous to try this, but I may need to!