Remember this post? Where I fell in love with a very, very odd pitcher? When I checked back later that afternoon, to make sure the links work, I was surprised to see it was gone. What were the chances? Wow, I was really an amazing sales person-- I posted it and just hours later it was sold.

I mentioned it to Luis and he said "Oh, when I checked the site it was already sold-- I figured you just posted it because you loved it without checking if it was sold or not." I giggled and smiled and reveled in what a fantastic salesman I was, how this babysite was really taking off in the direction I wanted it to.

Monday I came home from running errands with Olivia and there was a box waiting. From Pinet Pottery.  First I thought that Kelly Pinet had sent me the pitcher, which seemed awesome but extravagant.  Then Olivia pointed out that Kelly did not have my address. Luis, the sneak, had ordered it for me. I hadn't been an excellent saleswoman, I had been duped, tricked, fooled! All of this was quickly canceled out by the magic of being surprised. And by the joy of someone getting you exactly what you want, exactly.

Still, he fooled me. Why would I ever think he would be the buyer? Well, now anytime anything I've ever mentioned on here sells I'll be expecting it a week later. That's how this is supposed to work, right?

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