A rare photo of the two of us from Mom's art show last Saturday!
(Yes, I am shorter than my little sister.)

Happy Friday, loves! We made it! Another week down to Summertime. Tonight, Eric, Jenny, and I are having dinner with our wisecrackin' grandmother; Saturday and Sunday we have no plans (obviously that means something is going to come up for us to do), which is a very rare treat! Once summer begins, Eric has shows every weekend, so I love to spend these Spring weekends going to tag sales, walks in the park, and as silly as it sounds, cleaning our apartment! Before you head outside and enjoy the weekend, check out these Lovely websites and remember to enjoy your Springy weekend!
  • I am totally crushing on the adorable illustrations from matilou; the prints would be a perfect way to decorate a little girl's room!

  • Check out this huge collection of straw hats, just in time for Summer!

  • A smart way to keep a baby organized! Love the little bags.

And don't forget to read some Lovely posts you may have missed!

Have a fantastic weekend! What are you doing this weekend?! Do share!

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