Last summer Olivia and I took a [very harrowing] trip to the Roosevelt Fields Mall. Among visits to Forever21, Betsey Johnson (to quote Rachel Zoe, I die.), H&M, and Charlotte Russe there was also a visit to hipster wonder land American Apparel. Remember how it turns out I am a hipster? Well, obviously I fell in love with a few items, namely their Lightweight Sheer Rib Raglan Pullover and their Tri-Blend Light Weight Raglan Pullover. Which, yes, are essentially the same thing, but I love the sheerness of the sheer version, it's something special. Anyway, I loved them--but from afar, as freelancing and running this amazing site do not revenue enough for me to spend $35 a piece on a t-shirt-sweatshirt combination. I wanted more than one color, and $70 was way too much to spend for 2, and what if I wanted three? I could not drop $100 plus on casual clothes, I don't even wear casual clothes almost ever (even working from home!). I thought about these tops whenever I went for a casual look, romping around town for errands in leggings and moccasins? This top would be perfect. Moving Eric out of Connecticut? A grey tri-blend raglan with jeans would be the perfect look for moving (yes, I do consider "looks" for moving, sometimes they include scarves in my hair. What?). Shorts and a loose comfy raglan would be perfect for a warm Sunday brunch with the Huntington Bay Shore, coffee and a News Paper at T.K.'s Galley. I had lots of moments to don them, but none in my closet. Clearly a tragedy of epic proportions. Finally I caved.

Olivia had gifted me money to for Valentine's Day (yes, best sister/co-worker ever) and I set my sights on the raglan pullover. For $13.45 I found the [non-sheer] light weight raglan pullover at Moon Tree, which sells through Amazon. Did you say that was less than half the price? Yes, they did say that. Sure, they don't have the sheer (anywhere on Amazon as far as I can tell), but the tri-blend black and grey would probably be more versatile. I ordered the black in a large and the grey in a medium. I ordered them and realized Moon Tree would not accept my gift certificate-- $30 out of pocket for shirts I've wanted for almost a year? Fine, fine, fine. I didn't cancel the order.
They came today. I wore the black one (which is obviously larger) with black pants for a work out and errands, and later with leggings for bopping around the house and dinner. Sure, the neck isn't as wide as I had anticipated (a complaint made by some reviewers) but, I like that I can make it a large scoop neck, show a little shoulder or show a little little of both shoulders. I felt super glam in all loose, airy black-- sort of like a celebrity after yoga. I fully intend on wearing these things so soft and thin that I am forced to purchase new ones. I'm looking forward to the day.

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