Remember how Jenny was looking for the perfect dress for our father's 50th birthday gala? While doing some 'net browsing this morning, I stumbled across the Dangerously Stylish Dress from Modcloth. I think this would look perfect on Jenny's figure, and we all know how she feels about leopard print! I love this dress because it's classy and elegant, but also has an interesting twist to it with the print. I'm also digging the little black belt. How perfect would these River of Tears black earrings from Jewels2LiveBy look paired with the dress? A little glam, a little rock, a little lovely.

Check out the other jewelry at Jewels2LiveBy--I love how the jewelry highlights the beauty of the gems, and I love, love, love the titles that artist Tracy Carothers gives to each piece! (I'm sort of obsessed with the Blue River Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bracelet!)

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