Hey all! Let's talk weddings today. When I came across the Ruched Lace Dress on Forever21 this morning, I immediately thought: cheap wedding dress! I love this dress as a wedding dress. The sleeves are delicate and feminine, and the dress is so classy, yet sexy. I'm not a fan of the overly expensive wedding dress; I just don't really get justifying spending so much money on a dress you only wear once. However, I'm also the same girl who wants an "outdoor-picnic-cowboy/girl" wedding, so maybe I'm not one to judge. But, if I were wearing this to get married, I would pair it with this wedding veil headpiece (I'm really into wearing a headband with a veil...yes, I am still on the headband obsession) and white cowgirl boots, or feminine white heels (alas, very different from each other, but both would be very sexy with the dress and show off your long legs!). In my mind, anything can be a wedding dress...as long as you feel beautiful and loved in it, than why not dance down the aisle in it?! What was your wedding dress like? Or, what do you want in a wedding dress? Do share!

PS. Speaking of weddings, check out the Lovely Jordan Reid's post on Bachelorette parties and shout out to Lovely!


  1. Clever! Thank you for including my kickin' boots

  2. Thank you for including my veil. I am quite honoured!