Do you beauts realize mother's day is fast approaching? Fast. Today is April 19th. Mother's Day is May 9th. I love these Mama and baby bird vases from Red Hot Pottery (love that name!) as a gift for your mama bird on her special day. Flowers are the traditional mother's day gift-- right? Check out some beautiful flowers from 1800-Flowers (I prefer the Martha Stewart collection to almost anything from their Mother's Day collection). And why not take it to the next level with a handmade vase depicting motherhood? If you do buy the vase, you could even fill them (last minute style) with grocery store bunches, they can really be gorgeous. What else could your mama ask for? Well, maybe brunch. And we can, of course, always oblige brunch.

Mama and Baby Bird Vase in Green, Mama and Baby Bird Vase in White, Mama and Baby Bird Vase in Blue from Red Hot Pottery.
Multi-Colored Tulips, Martha Stewart Oriental Lily Bouquet, Martha Stewart Vibrant Purple Bouquet

Visit Red Hot Pottery for more hand made pieces of art, and to buy the vases listed here!

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