Last night Luis and I got on the topic of miniatures- we spent a few hours looking at these MasterMaze Dungeons and Dragons sets sold by Dwarven Forge. Dungeons and Dragons is not my thing, however, these sets are so amazingly elaborate I have trouble not being interested.
Seeing how fascinating this world of miniatures was, I clearly took to Etsy. Obviously. After some frustrated searching (I wanted to find beautiful hand painted pieces, instead I found a lot of dice necklaces. A lot.) I came across a vintage set, from Antique Renewal. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but sometimes what you're looking for brings you to something else, right? Of course right. This set, with 131 vintage pieces, has a great style to it. I love the giant, is that a giant? I'll have to ask Luis.

I think what I love about this set is that you don't need to be a Dungeons and Dragons player to want to posses this crowd of misfits. Play them or don't play them, they'd look really cool on a shelf. Imagine a beautiful, breezy room with lace curtains and a pale yellow walls. And a natural wood shelf with 2 headed monsters, centaurs, and dwarfs on it. I love that juxtaposition!

For more information on Dwarven Forge and Master Maze pieces, click here!

For more pictures of, and to buy, the 131 piece vintage set from Antique Renewal, click here!

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