There's something in the air this Spring which is making me passionately and ardently in love with everything and anything to do with flowers. I love flower headbands, floral dresses, and today I have fallen head over heels in love with the Flower Rings from Yeahhello. Georgia Lacono, the artist behind the rings, creates original, lovely, and yet, classic pieces in her shop. It seems to me that she knows exactly what lovely women would wear--there isn't one piece of jewelry in her store that I wouldn't wear myself--and I don't wear much jewelry at all. However, I must admit, it's the rings which won my heart. I love all the different colors they come in; their price couldn't get any better; but, my favorite part is that they are adjustable! For the girl with the ring size of 4, it's incredibly hard to find rings which fit, but these would be a perfect accompaniment to my summer wardrobe. These could easily be dressed up or down, but either way, they encapsulate Spring and Summer in a ring, and are my idea of a perfect statement piece of jewelry.

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