Gratuitous cute Friday picture of Pip!

Mornin', loves! It's finally Friday and the rain has gone, gone, gone away for the weekend! Before you scoot your cute behinds outside for the weekend, check out these unique website finds, and catch up on your Lovely reading from these last few weeks. What are you all doing this weekend? Eric and I are celebrating Easter with my dad's family and enjoying the sunshine! Happy weekend!

Check out the gorgeous bridesmaid and wedding dresses from Swoon ("inspired by the sun, sand, and stars"). I love the matte, natural look of these dresses; they'd make any woman look glamorous and classy (plus, they are affordable!).

How much fun does this "cafeteria lunch" themed bridal shower look like? I love all the little details, like the handmade lunch bags, and the awesome "note" invitation!

I am slightly obsessed with these beautiful yarns made by Hampton Artistic Yarns (yay Long Island!)--their colors don't even seem real, they seem like something out of a watercolor picture!

I so want to try these new McCormick Recipe Inspirations! I love that they give you a recipe with all the necessary spices; that's always the hardest part for me, figuring out the spices, so this would be a real inspiration for me!

Taylor and her man are going to this amazingly cute Cape Cod inn,
Aaron Burbank's Windfall House, and I just had to share it with you all because it looks like such a romantic and relaxing place!

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