Lovely reader Natalie, from IowasThing, wrote me with an awful conundrum:

I have a lovely "assignment" (read: request for help) from you! I'm in the happy position of having to thank a couple recommendation-letter-writers for having helped me land a super summer internship. And naturally, I want to send them a batch of shippable, long-lasting treats, like biscotti. But where oh where can one find a lightweight, professional-but-cute, decorative-but-not-cutesy box to put them in?All thanks for any help! xxxxx
Truly troubling, right? Well, okay, fine, maybe just to me. I have a problem with goodie boxes. I actually posted about it a long, long time ago. When I see them I tend to stock up. If they're on sale I buy them in bulk. This was the case with the adorable Mary Engelbreit cupcake boxes I found for 50 cents a piece at Micheal's this winter. I bought a ton and have been using them for every sort of confection!

Last Christmas when Olivia and I sent out Christmas cookies we used Martha Stewart matchstick style boxes. Those sets are beautiful, they come with ribbon, tissue paper, and labels. I also buy those in bulk and am always looking for more. This is why I was so excited to get on the case for Natalie.

Square Kraft Goodie Box, Square Cookie Box Kit, Tall Cookie Box Kit, Square White Goodie Boxes.

These boxes are festive and cheerful without being cutesy, especially if you save the pink ones from the sets for birthdays or Valentine's Day. The green, butter, brown and white are beautiful and can be personalized with ribbons, labels and buttons like they show on the website. Pretty, happy and reasonably priced. What do you think, Natalie?

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